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Welcome to the most random corners of my heart. I’m glad you’re here.

Consider this fair warning that this is not a place where I edit or filter my words. In fact, I usually end up clicking “publish” at some random hour in the night when I should be sleeping.

I write because I am inspired. I write to inspire. I write what’s real to me. I write what’s raw and close to my heart. I write the truth as I see it—as I move through it and feel it.

I write it all nakedly and without so much as a glance over the words because I trust them to do what they need to do. I trust in the safety of this space. That said, I want this space to be safe for you as well. If there’s anything you want to say—whether it’s in response to my words or not—you are more than welcome to say it here.

(But please don’t be a meanie. I don’t like meanies.)

Cool? K. Let’s inspire each other.